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Garage Door Choices

Garage door openers are very handy. In a recent poll they have been voted the second most helpful device following solely TV remotes. Utilizing a remote control they allow us to open our garage doors from our cars. With a helpful button on the wall, we can open our garage doors with the power of our index finger. What comfort!

There\’s a small flaw and the slaw though. As with every electrical or mechanical device there comes a time when the opener does not work. The question is \”What to do now?\”.

Your first impulse may be to run to your laptop, type in \”garage door opener\” in your favourite search engine and start researching. Or, chances are you\’ll simply look for the primary telephone number you could find for somebody to call to maintain the problem.

There are some things about garage doors that you shouldn\’t try to do on your own. Mainly replacing broken torsion springs. But garage door openers can possibly be fixed by a DIY type of homeowner.

In trouble shooting, the first thing you should check are the controlling devices. You\’ll need to check your remote control and the control that is attached to the wall.

For the remote, it\’s a simple matter to check the batteries. No big deal here.
The wall controller may be a little more to deal with. There is some power going to the switch. You\’ll want to check the continuity of the electrical leads going to the unit. The outlet plug may be loose or perhaps there is some damage to the wire going to the controller.

After you check for electrical or control unit problems you\’ll want to check for obstructions in the track. The tracks must be free from any kind of material that would interfere with the operation of your door.

Also the tracks can become dented. These dents will cause the door not to operate correctly and may stop the door literally in its tracks. Aside from removing material in the tracks, there is not much a homeowner can do if the tracks need replaced. That is a job for professionals.

One other thing a DIYer can check is the \”stop/reverse\” light. If the light is blocked or no longer points in the correct direction then your door won\’t work.

If you\’ve diagnosed your garage door problem and you\’ve determined that it is beyond your means to fix it yourself, the next thing to do is call a garage door repair company.